Doing Some Good

9ee4dd971af2ac54bfb5fd019c4cef5b ResizedImage_1408139857254With all the rescues in our area that need help, this is a mere drop in the bucket; but maybe it will help make a difference for some of the dogs in the care of this one rescue.

Panhandle Animals Lovers, in Crestview, FL, is taking on a big task in their community by rescuing as many dogs from death row as possible. Hanne Berg was delighted to receive a 50 pound bag of dog food, a case of canned dog food, and a big ol’ bag of puppy food from us – along with some toys and a pet gazebo!

Our hearts go out to Hanne and PAL for all the hard work they are doing in Crestview. Please be sure to check out their Facebook page and their Petfinder page to see all the sweet babies up for adoption in the Crestview area!

Keep up the good work, PAL!!!

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