Animal Allies’ Wish List

Dry Cat Food

  • Purina One Kitten
  • Purina One Adult Chicken and Rice
  • Any dry cat food (for distribution to community cat caretakers)

Wet Cad Food

  • Fancy Feast Gravy Lover’s Chicken
  • Fancy Feast Classic – any flavor
  • Friskies – any flavor


  • Temptations – any flavor

Cat Litter

  • Clumping – any brand

Cat Toys & Scratching Posts

  • New
  • Used – if in good condition

Cat Trees

  • New
  • Used – if in good condition

Cat Litterboxes

Litter Scoops

Cat Carriers or Small Carriers

Crates 36″ or larger


Plastic Containers 36″ or larger

  • With or without lids okay; NO holes or cracks

Blankets & Towels

Prescription Cat Food

  • Anything your kitty didn’t like or use is fine

Leftover/Unused Medication

Building Supplies (for cat shelters/condos)

  • New supplies are always appreciated but Animal Allies will pick up any extra or leftover building supplies including carpet, wood, screws, nails, windows (new or used), insulation (new only), chain link fencing, paint, paint brushes, PVC pipe, and just about anything else in good shape

Riding Lawn Mower (functional)

Bird Netting

  • Used and in good condition is okay

Shrimp Netting

  • Used and in good condition is okay

Yard Sale Donations

  • Animal Allies holds multiple yard sales throughout the year so donations are always welcome



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WalMart, PetSmart, Tractor Supply



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PMB 112, 40 Nine Mile Rd #2, Pensacola, FL 32534

(850) 780-3223