Steven’s Animal Fund, Inc. Wish List

1) Dry cat and dog food

2) Financial donations to enable SAF to help more people spay/neuter more cats and dogs

3) Animal traps and animal crates or kennels.

SAF lend traps and crates to people needing them for spays and neuters. Community cats always go to the veterinarian’s office in trap they were captured in along with a crate to bring them back in. Whenever possible we observe animals for 24 hours before release. Socialized community cats and dogs or people’s pets go to the veterinarian’s office in a crate. There is no fee to borrow a trap or crate from SAF, Inc. 

SAF Inc. have the most success with medium sized animal traps measuring 32″x10″x15″ and folding kennel crates measuring 24-1/2″L x 18-13/32″W x 20-7/8″H. These can be found most easily at Harbor Freight on East Nine Mile Rd in Ensley Square, Pensacola. 

4) Names and phone numbers of veterinarians in Pensacola and Santa Rosa County who may be interested in offering low cost spay/neuter pricing for cats and dogs.

5) Pro-bono assistance with word of mouth, social media, publicity to inform people about our low cost spay/neuter programs.

6) Pro-bono assistance with website and social media

7) Volunteers

8) Organizations or churches seeking speakers for groups

9) Blankets

10) Large towels

11) Flat sheets

12) Adult or youth organizations to obtain and donate dry cat food and dog food. Individuals or groups to make and donate art and craft items SAF can sell to raise money when participating in community events. The individual or organizations will receive a donation write-off letter and be named with donating the item(s).


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